Curriculum Vitae: Cheryl-Ann Henry

I am both a scholar and a practitioner in the field of Business Management with an Information Technology specialization.  My formal academic training has taught me how to conduct research, and produce both scholarly and technical writing.  My work experience as an Independent Consultant honed my management and technical skills. A mesh of my scholarly, management and technical skills puts me in a position to appropriately align technology solutions with organizational needs.

  • Professional Highlights

    My professional life entails over 15 years of research, implementation, usability analysis and documentation of Management, Information Technology and Internet Services. I am:
    • Self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promotes success
    • Skilled at organizing complex projects, defining project priorities, and delegating tasks to maximize efficiency and multi-tasking
    • Able to translate ideas into concrete written or visual form to share with others
    • A Strong conceptual thinker with great attention to detail and excellent analytical & research skills
    • Intellectually curious with profound dedication to mastering complex terrain
    • An experienced team player, bringing enthusiasm and energy into group efforts
  • Academic Background

    PhD Candidate in Management - Concentration: Information Systems
    • Walden University, Minnesota (anticipated graduation 2013-14)
    Masters of Science Degree - Management of Information Systems
    • Nova University (1997)
    Bachelor of Science Degree - Hospitality Management
    • Florida International University (1994)
    Associates of Arts - Business Administration
    • Miami Dade College (1988)
    Management Training
    • McDonalds Restaurants - 1989
    • Wendys Restaurants - 1995
  • Professional Experience - USA

    My Independent Consulting was ongoing since my last contract ended with Nortel. My goal since 1999 was to broaden and fine tune my Management and Information Technology expertise. In so doing, I pursued specific clients in the non-profit and public sectors where I designed and implemented applicable technological interventions that ultimately improved business processes and drove organizational change. In 2006 I took on the challenge of consulting in a third world country (my country of birth Trinidad & Tobago) so that I could lend my expertise towards initiating social change, and in the interim fine tune my change management skills. I consulted in the USA mainly from 1999-2006, and in both the USA and T&T from 2006- present.

    Management and IT Consultant

    Cheryl-Ann Henry - Independent Consultant (1999-2007 - USA)

    • Started new businesses (on and off the Internet): business process engineering, accounting/book-keeping, marketing, advertising, web development, enterprise resource planning
    • For business process engineering, assessed needs given business goals and objectives and considering Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, & Environmental constraints, and designed/recommended the use of technology interventions based on applicability and potential to improve business processes so that organizational goals are met.
    • Implemented solutions to include data and network security, wireless and cabled networking, office automation, computer & network support, hardware & software support by remote control, chat & phone
    • Conducted training for staff and management in the work place on productivity suites (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentation), Financial/Accounting applications, CRM, ERP, PBX Systems, Internet Services (Electronic Mail, Search Engines, Web 2.0 Applications on the Web) in order to facilitate change management
    • Designed and Implemented database driven (MS-SQL, MySQL) web application solutions using PHP, ASP, CGI for the core and XML, HTML and CSS for the interfaces – expertise in Content Management Systems, Electronic Commerce, Social Networking Communities, Search Engines /Classified/ Directories, Web 2.0
    • Created, edited and maintained documentation and related materials for websites, networks, business process engineering and respective technological interventions

    Broadcrown, Inc. Miami, Florida

    I was called in by Broadcrown in 2003 to service network computers and consult on IT related issues on demand. My initiatives in Trinidad & Tobago made it difficult to continue servicing Broadcrown in that capacity and so in early 2008, I moved on. I maintain a good rapport with them to date.
    • Facilitated business continuity via prompt problem detection and maintaining the company’s network whether by phone, desk side or remote control; I also supported Microsoft Office Suite, AVG Server Edition, Navision Financials 2.6B Server, Windows 2000 Server and clients
    • In 2007, conducted the migration of voice, security and data network over to new business location; switched voice and data network with less than 30 seconds of down time; upgraded from DSL to T1; upgraded the PBX to accommodate additional phone lines, upgraded data network to client-server and centralized access and security at the domain controller, rebuilt a database server specifically for Navisions and upgraded the database to Microsoft SQL, wired entire building for data and voice, installed and configured VPN for remote access from the UK
    • For disaster recovery, planned, coordinated and implemented security measures to safeguard  data against accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction and disclosure; I documented as warranted.

    Chiptech1, Inc. Hallandale, Florida

    • Assessed electronic commerce needs; designed and implemented an e-commerce solution using Joomla and VirtueMart for networking product line; designed and built product database; configured and Fedex/UPS real time shipping applications into the core of the shopping cart application; integrated chat software (installed and configured) for real time customer service; trained support staff

    Moiko Records, Inc. Miami, Florida

    • This client owned and operated a Record Label. I consulted on how to conceptualize some of ideas for the record label's Internet Presence using NING and Joomla. Also introduced client to a hosted application for collaborative buying in order to stimulate record sales

    Baby in the Family, Inc. Miami, Florida

    • Designed and implemented a social networking community using NING. Configured domain to point to NING profile seamlessly. Integrated with Facebook (created Facebook Application), Twitter and Amazon. Trained client on how to maintain the site from its administrative back end, and how to leverage the power of the Social Media Platform in order to reach target audiences.

    The Humanity Project. Miami, Florida

    • Designed and implemented a NING social networking community and integrated with Twitter. Consulted with founder on converting videos into mpeg format and uploaded video to Youtube channel. Minor website maintenance on occasion.

    YMCA of Greater Miami, Miami, Florida

    I was approached by the Executive Director (who had attended my computer class) to implement a client-server application that he had acquired for solving Human Resource issues and assist with change management as needed. This was a short term assignment and ended well.
    • Implemented a Time and Attendance Solution by Qqest across five (5) locations which improved time and attendance management and human resource procedures
    • In the main location, designed, implemented and maintained a 15 node network, 15 node lab network which supported by phone and in house as warranted
    • At all locations conducted staff training on Microsoft Productivity Suite and Qquest and improved efficiency in the workplace; wrote manuals thereafter.

    OIC of Dade County. Miami, Florida

    I was recommended by JJA Employment to service network computers at this Non-Profit Organization.
    • Consulted as warranted on how to best align organization goals and objectives with the technology solutions that they were considering, and supported network computers on demand

    JJA Employment & Training, Miami, Florida

    I was contracted by the Founders of this Non-Profit Organization to stabilize the computer network and assist with change management within the office place. This client is no longer in business as founders moved to another state.
    • Standardized all computers on the network; Installed and configured peripherals as warranted; supported the network by phone and desk side
    • Software supported included Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and Windows 95-2000
    • Conducted training and wrote manuals to support change management/readiness initiatives
    • Built the corporate website which I hosted and maintained

    Hospitality Innovators. Miami, Florida

    I got an opportunity to work fuse Technology with the Hospitality Industry for the first time - since I have a Business and Hospitality Management background also
    • Designed, implemented, published and hosted a website for this company that sourced Hospitality staff for businesses in the Hospitality Field. I also created the unique business name for them:
    • Designed a specialized search engine solution for them written in CGI with a MySql database backend so that they could implement the first of its kind for Hospitality businesses in Florida. This company went out of business before I was able to implement for them.

    Adjunct Instructor in Computer Science Department

    Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida (2000 - 2004)

    Even though I come from three generations of teachers, I never expected to become an Instructor at the school that I graduated from. But one day I was asked to fill in for a professor who suddenly resigned mid semester. I did this part time while I was pursuing my PhD studies. My teaching style was unique in its own way. I felt strongly that in order to learn about computers, one must touch the computer. My computer classes started with students taking the computers apart and then building it back - before I taught them the theoretical aspects of computing.
    • Taught university courses for undergraduate students in Microsoft Office, Internet Services, Data Processing, Computers and Web Design using Microsoft FrontPage; I customized the curriculum as warranted, managed student progress, and assessed students appropriately.

    Level III Network Support Analyst

    Nortel, Sawgrass, Florida (Contract: 1998-1999)

    By the time I got to Nortel, I was a seasoned support engineer and primed to fit right into the support desk - even as the only female :). Within the first month I became the lead network technician and had also learned how to support Apple Computers (hardware and software). When this contract ended I started my own consulting business
    • Supported 900 employees during MAC to PC migration solving an average of 55 network support calls daily - hardware and software instances via phone, desk side and remote control
    • Trained all new technicians; wrote manual on solving all support problems which was used to optimize technician efficiency and bring support tickets down to zero at day’s end instead of over 30.

    Support Desk Coordinator

    Internet Openway (one year contract: 1997 to 1998) Miami, Florida

    I was approached by the CEO of this start up company while consulting with one of his colleagues, set up the IT Support Department which I would then manage. In the interim, I learned how to setup (on the fly), implement and manage a Windows web server, and domain controller - since I also designed and implemented my first client-server network. This company went out of business before it was officially launched but it was a GREAT learning experience.
    • Performed the installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of WinNT Servers and workstations in a single domain environment
    • Recruited Graphic Designers and Web Designers from local Fine Arts Schools and conducted interviews and selected a design team. I also scouted, interviewed and hired two support technicians to handle phone support on demand
    • Trained all pc, network, web support new hires, graphics persons and web designers
    • Managed a six person team in charge of providing comprehensive technical support for pc, website and hosting customers - including the design and maintenance of commercial websites

    Technical Support Engineer

    Compaq (nine month contract: 1996 to 1997) Tamarac, Florida

    At this point I had only recently switched fields from Hospitality Management and I had extensive software experience on the Apple but limited hardware experience on both Apple and IBM clones. I accepted this contract assignment to learn and get hands on training. The training was intense and thorough. By the end of this contract I was a seasoned PC Support Engineer and ready for some hands on experience supporting computer networks
    • Investigated and resolved computer software and hardware problems personal and notebook
    • computers, averaging the resolution of over 40 support calls per day.
    • Administered all Desktop related functions including hardware and software set-up and configuration.
  • Professional Experience - T&T

    Since 2006, I felt compelled to lend my expertise towards implementing some solutions that had the potential to bridge digital divide gaps. One of the major challenges I encountered was the readiness of the people towards change that was driven by technology. Incidentally, these challenges served to fine-tune my change management skills in the interim.

    Management and IT Consultant

    Cheryl-Ann Henry - Independent Consultant (2006-present)

    Modsec Alumni International, (2009)

    I formed a non-profit organization designed to raise funds for the implementation of Interactive classrooms at under developed academic institutions in the Caribbean. The first school that I targeted was my past high school: ModSec. I decided that the best way to implement this initiative was to make it meaningful to all involved and solicited the support of fellow Modsec Past Students. I decided to launch a High School Reunion and use any proceeds towards the purchase of the Interactive Classroom for the school.
    • Branded Modsec Alumni International by designing the LOGO, event fliers, banner and tickets. I built a website for the purpose of selling Electronic tickets and a Facebook presences for promoting the initiative
    • Given my Hospitality Management background, I was able to coordinate the entire event using strictly Past Students as the contractors for Sound System, Disk Jockeys, Caterer, Security, Bar Services, Event Planning.
    • Given my Marketing and Web Development background I was able to implement a massive Marketing campaign using the social media platform thus reaching past students who lived in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and other Caribbean Islands
    • Negotiated with radio stations and TV stations for airtime so that I could promote the applicability of this Interactive Classroom that my organization was raising funds to purchase for the school using the Reunion as the fund raising point. I represented the organization on various television shows accordingly.
    • Designed a line of T-Shirts for the organization and passed on the entire branding - including a website for the school and one for the alumni association in T&T, to that alumni association in T&T.
    • We broke even and did not make enough money for purchasing the equipment. I donated one set of Interactive Response Pads to the school nonetheless which the Acting Principal returned to me.


    My relationship with eInstruction started when I successfully negotiated a free interactive response system for the NCPD. I am now an authorized dealer for the eInstruction product line in the Caribbean.
    • Visited academic institutions, credit unions, organizations and demonstrated how to integrate Interactive White Boards, Wireless Interactive Pads, Interactive Response Pads, and eInstruction's Signature Interactive Software
    • My biggest lead was the University of the West Indies where I demonstrated the potential of the interactive response pads for lecturers, technical staff and decision makers. I then designed a campus wide solution for managing large classrooms, which was later recommended by the project lead as the best possible solution for UW's classroom management needs.

    Clico Financial, San Fernando, Trinidad

    A new branch of the Clico Financial Bank was due to be opened in San Fernando. I consulted with the President and Vice President on alternative Intranet Solutions for use within the branch.
    • After thorough assessment of Clico's office automation needs, I researched and presented an Intranet Solution by Passageways- which is a turnkey portal system designed specifically for Financial Institutions. I consulted and negotiated with Passageway's founder and coordinated a presentation/product demonstration over the Internet via WebEX.
    • Researched, sourced and recommended a video conference system for holding high definition video conferences from remote locations.

    St. Mary's Children's Home, Trinidad

    I was referred to the SMCH by the NCPD. I wanted to lend my expertise to an organization that was meeting the sociological needs of displaced children and was excited about getting the opportunity to do so.
    • Rewired the entire network in the office building, punched down at the patch panel, upgraded the network from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit
    • Standardized all computers in the Building office, Wellness Center and Computer Lab
    • Upgraded the network server as domain controller and centralized security policies for access, antivirus and firewall
    • Configured router and Wireless-N access point for wireless within the building if needed (since walls were concrete and running cable was less cost efficient in some instances)
    • Later on I joined sub networks in other buildings to the main office network using gigabit cable since it was more cost effective given the distance between buildings than doing so wirelessly - thus opening up high speed access to those buildings
    • Trained management and staff on the use of Internet Services and Productivity software in the workplace to improve efficiency
    • Created the domain names and; built organization website and hosted it
    • Created an online helpdesk at so as to manage inhouse support requests and trained staff member how to use that and maintain the network in house and remotely.

    National Center for Persons with Disabilities, San Fernando, Trinidad

    My business relationship with the NCPD started in 1992 when I volunteered there during that year. I was humbled by the opportunity to work for an NGO that met the needs of persons with disabilities. It was the first place I approached with my research findings. The CEO agreed to implement some of my ideas and I consulted with them accordingly.
    • In 2004, I created the unique domain name for the NCPD: Later on I recommended to any T&T businesses to append 'tt' to any domain name that used the .com top level domain extension
    • Trained the trainer how to deliver course material to persons with visual and hearing impairments using interactive and multimedia technology as a teaching aid. I redesigned the training room so that trainees were facing the teacher, helped to convert lessons into multimedia format and negotiated with eInstruction to donate 24 piece interactive response system to them.
    • Designed the Manswell Training lab which was donated by Mrs. Manswell's children. I sourced, procured, shipped and equipment; I then implemented as warranted. This lab included multimedia elements,  Interactive Response Pads and the center's first Interactive Whiteboard and Wireless Interactive Board.
    • Designed and implemented an Edufeedback Station for NCPD - the first of its kind not only at the center but in T&T and the Caribbean. This Edufeedback system was designed to help children with deficits in attention, with learning difficulties.
  • Technical Skills

    • Web Programming: PHP, Perl, ASP, HTML, FBML, CSS
    • Database Programming: Oracle, MySql, Access, MsSQL
    • Web Server Administration: Linux, Windows
    • Networking: Cabling, Cable Termination, Wireless
    • Networking Platforms: Windows Server (NT, 2000, 2003, 2007)
    • Operating Systems: Windows ('95, '98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7)
    • Information Architecture: Wireframing, UseCase Scenarios, Diagrams
    • Graphics & Multimedia Design
    • Social Media Optimization & Search Engine Optimization