Management Services

My forte is analyzing client needs, conducting the necessary research and designing technology driven solutions that best align with business goals and objectives - be it in the brick and mortar environment or on the web.

Contract CAH

  • Management as a Service (MaaS)

    My expertise as a Management Consultant is Information Technology. I specialize in the following IT related disciplines. I am available for 'as needed' contracts accordingly:

    • Systems Analysis
    • Systems Design
    • Systems Integration
    • Change Management
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Instructional Systems Design
    • Computer Networking/ Data Communications
  • Web Business Development

    Whether you have a web business idea that you need to conceptualize, or you have a conceptualized idea that you would like to bring to fruition, I can lend my expertise towards that end given my extensive Internet expertise:

    • Web Business Needs Assessment
    • Domain Name Acquisition (Creation, Research, Purchase, Parking)
    • Information Architecture (Wireframing & Use Case Scenarios)
    • Interface & Web Design (layout, content, information space)
    • Database Driven Web Applications & Programming (PHP, ASP, AJAX, HTML, FBML, CSS)
    • Content Management Systems (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)
    • Electronic Commerce (Shopping Carts, Catalogs, Ordering Systems, Payment Processing)
    • Graphics Editing & Design (Category & Advertising Banners, Image Optimization, Text Logos)
  • Website Optimization

    Are you out of the Social Media loop while your target audience can be found there? In 2011, it is vital that your web site presence is integrated with the social media platform (SMO) and readily indexed by search engines (SEO)  Website optimization would strategically lead you to your target audience or have them led to you. I offer the following website optimization services:

    • Integrate FaceBook Connect with your website
    • Integrate and connect FaceBook Fan Pages with Shopping Cart Web Application
    • Create, Customize & Maintain FaceBook Accounts, FanPages, Applications, Groups
    • Create and Customize Twitter, Flickr, Myspace Accounts & YouTube Channels
    • Integate Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Flicker, FaceBook, Yahoo Pulse, Google Buzz into website
    • InterConnect Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo Pulse, Google Buzz
    • White Hat SEO (Robots, CrossLinking, MetaTag Coding, XML SiteMaps)
  • Managed Web Hosting

    There are so many Web Hosting Providers (WHP) offering a range of web hosting services on the WWW that sometimes it is so challenging to choose the appropriate WHP.  When you do choose one, the price is good but there is no one to Manage the Web Server account for you. If you are unfamiliar with Web Server Administration, this can become a frustrating experience for you. I offer MANAGED WEB HOSTING with plans customized specifically for what you need and no more than what you need. Here is what the plans include:

    • Web Hosting Control Panel
    • Email & Web Hosting
    • Addon/Parked Domains
    • Email &  URL Forwarding
    • Shared SSL
    • PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Fast CGI
    • Streaming Audio/Video
    • Website & FTP Statistics
    • Disk Space & Bandwidth to suit your needs
    • Hourly Check of Website Uptime
    • Data Restoration from backups
    • 24-07 Support Service
  • Research & Training

    • Train management and/or staff on Word Processing, Presentation, Spreadsheets, Publishing, and Database applications from Microsoft, Corel or OpenOffice productivity suites
    • Train staff on how to manage web hosting server space, content management systems, websites and domain accounts
    • Conduct Research on any given solution based on your needs requirements, technical and functional specifications
    • Will write technical documents, manuals, curricula, website content material.